Everything you need to simplify your pay per lead business’s billing and reporting

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    Lead management

    Lead measurement

    Ensure you never over or undercharge a client by automatically measuring exactly how many leads they’ve received, and are due to receive.

    Multiple lead types

    Maximise your profits by charging more for certain types of lead, such as phone calls vs. form submissions.

    Set lead criteria

    Manage your clients’ expectations, Reduce client churn and lead disputes by publishing your lead criteria.

    Lead delivery

    Instantly deliver your leads to clients via email (optional)

    Lead handover

    Disprove false complaints of lead quality by tracking when clients actually open your lead deliveries to call them.

    Multiple lead sources

    Keep records of all your leads in one place, a single source of truth of fulfillment of a client’s lead order.

    Assistant sub-accounts

    Easily systemise your lead management tasks by creating sub-accounts for staff members or VAs.

    Filter out invalid leads

    Maintain credibility with your clients by automatically filtering out duplicate leads, or calls under the minimum duration before the client is charged for them.

    Comply with data protection law

    Comply with GDPR data minimisation rules by automatically anonymising old lead’s personally identifiable information.

    Disapprove leads

    Reduce client churn by disapproving invalid leads from the dashboard, reducing the need for clients to submit a dispute.

    Billing automation

    Secure credit card capture, authorization, and storage

    Remove the need for your clients to manually pay invoices and ensure that you always get paid, by authorising and securely storing your clients’ card details. (Powered by Stripe)

    Automated weekly billing

    Automatically charge your client’s on-file card every week with a choice of two different billing modes, designed to fit any business model.

    Pre-pay billing mode

    Reduce your risk by automatically charging your clients in advance to top up their credit. Over the next week, each lead’s value will be subtracted from the client’s credit.

    Post-pay billing mode

    Use automated billing in post-pay mode to create an easier sell by billing your clients after they’ve received their leads. Your clients will only pay for what they receive. Every week, their on-file card is charged to settle their account balance.

    Billing failure resolution

    Automatically chase up clients after a billing failure event to regain card authentication, or to update card details to ensure there are no lapses in payment.

    On-demand charging

    Settle a client’s account balance at any moment using their on-file card.

    Billing limits

    Get instantly notified when a client approaches or exceeds their credit limit (post-pay mode) or their account credit (pre-pay mode).

    Test mode

    Test your integrations and billing systems by enabling test mode, which integrates with Stripe’s test mode sandbox.

    Multi currency support

    We support hundreds of different currencies.

    Client reporting

    Professional client portal

    Give your clients a professional, organised client portal to view their leads, invoices, balance, and to manage their account.

    On-demand lead view

    Clients can view all their leads and details at any time, reducing unnecessary emails.

    Automated email reports

    Keep your less tech-savvy clients updated about their leads, by automatically sending a spreadsheet report once a week.

    Lead dispute system

    Put a stop the endless email chains about lead validity with a simple-to-use lead dispute system. Clients can submit a lead dispute, indicating which criteria the lead failed. You or your assistants can approve or reject the dispute in one click.

    White label

    Send emails from your own domain. Remove all mention of Chargio from the client portal. Use your own logos and brand colors.

    Client staff accounts

    Gain additional insights into your leads to improve lead quality and reduce CPL by allowing clients to create accounts for their sales staff in order to submit lead disputes.



    Send your leads from Callrail direct to Chargio, with filters for duplicate leads and calls under the minimum length.


    Integrate Chargio with almost anything. Send webhooks direct to Chargio with your lead details.

    Zapier and Integromat

    Use the native webhook apps to integrate Chargio with any of your apps (native Chargio apps coming soon).

    Stability and security

    High availability

    We use a high availability server set up, with multiple backup servers and databases, to ensure that we don’t miss a single lead.

    HTTP lead transfer

    We receive leads via HTTP transfers (which is how information is transferred around the internet). This method has far greater reliability and security than others.

    Encryption at rest and in transit

    All of yours and your clients’ data is encrypted during transfers and at rest, vastly reducing the possibility of a data breach.

    Automated testing

    Before deploying any updates or changes, we run a suite of automated tests to make sure we haven’t broken anything or created any bugs.


    Coming soon

    Full white label

    Hide any mention of Chargio by using your own domain name.

    Zapier and Integromat apps

    Integrate easier with Zapier and Integromat native apps.

    Facebook and Google Ads

    Automatically start and stop campaigns when clients hit their billing limits.

    Direct debit/ACH

    Charge your clients with automated bank transfers to reduce your Stripe fees.

    Integrated call tracking

    Manage all leads in one place with in-built lightweight call tracking.

    Lead distribution

    Distribute leads from one source to multiple clients.

    Conversion tracking

    Allow clients to mark leads as converted. Track lead source and lead type conversion rates to drive down lead costs, raise your prices, and improve lead quality for clients.

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    With Chargio you can:

    • Focus your time on client acquisition and generating high quality leads
    • Improve client retention, even with large amounts of clients
    • Gain a bird's eye view across all your metrics, down to each client
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    With Chargio you can:

    • Focus your time on client acquisition and generating high quality leads
    • Improve client retention, even with large amounts of clients
    • Gain a bird's eye view across all your metrics, down to each client

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